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Diagnos Psykos

DIAGNOS PSYKOS - K-P and N-D The Guzzler.
We come from Viskafors, about 10 km south of Borås in Sweden. We are 26 and 28-years-old respectively, and have qualifications in Media with specialisation in sound. We have been friends for many years, and we have been producing our own music for the past few years.

Hip hop has always been part of our lives, so we have wholeheartedly focused on this, but we’ve applied our own influences and feeling. We call ourselves DIAGNOS PSYKOS.

We made our first album "Ett ofrivilligt efterlängtande" in 2004, and this was released at the start of 2005. The songs are about everything from our innermost thoughts to happy memories and experiences, serious and less serious… but serious anyway!
A few guest artists from our home region also play on the record, and a well-known DJ from Borås called Kid Sid.

In 2005 and 2006 we were working on a new album, which will be a double CD. This will hopefully be released in January-February 2007.

You can see our album covers below and listen to some of our music.

All the best
K-P og N-D The Guzzler

“Ett ofrivilligt efterlängtande”



“Ett ofrivilligt efterlängtande” from 2005.


Diagnos Psykos - Hustlin'

Diagnos Psykos - Om Jag Visste

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